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Negotiating With Sellers is the only product that gives you real calls with real negotiations. Want to close more deals? Build Rapport? Increase revenue? No matter what it is, an Exclusive Negotiating With Sellers Membership will offer proven strategies to make your business successful. Through recorded calls and educational videos, successful investor Tucker Merrihew and his acquisitions manager Chris Smith, will take you behind the curtain for a look at the real side of real estate investing.





Want a sample? Here is a short clip of Acquisition Manager extraordinaire, Chris Smith, working through one of the biggest issues Real Estate Investors face… how to get a price from a potential seller. Listen up - this is 10 years of deals talking!


Video tutorials with Tucker Merrihew on the best strategies for
each motivated seller lead category.

Below are the different call categories that Tucker and Chris cover in this product.

    • Information Gathering & Rapport Building
    • How did you find me & Why did I get a letter?
    • How to get a price out of a seller
    • How to submit an offer to a seller
    • How to deliver a “Soft Pass”
    • Follow Up & “Touch Back”
    • How to leave a message and what to say
    • Mortgage Broker, Realtor, Probate Attorney Calls
    • When Sellers Ask…
    • Bonus Audio – Full Call Sequences



Every strategy discussed is a real time strategy used every day in Tucker’s Real Estate Investing Company, TTM Development Company.

If you’re looking for the best and most actionable information for Real Estate Investing, you’ve probably found Tucker Merrihew’s podcast, The Real Dealz Podcast.

Are you a member of the Deal Finders Academy? Then, you know Tucker’s trade secrets and strategies honed over the course of 10+ years of REI experience have yielded big paydays and financial freedom for many of its exclusive members. But how? Direct-to-Seller Marketing! It’s the best way to acquire deals at the absolute largest discounts. But, when sellers call in and want to talk, everything comes down to communicating effectively and Negotiating With Sellers.

So, how do you start Negotiating With Sellers? How do you prepare for the questions and concerns and hard scenarios Real Estate Investors face every single day? With an Exclusive Membership and access to instructional videos and live calls recorded over the period of one year, Tucker and Chris explain techniques and strategies used when Negotiating With Sellers. For example, what if a seller has unreasonable expectations and won’t budge on price. You know it’ll never sell at retail and the owner will never make the necessary repairs – so, what do you do? This is the Follow Up & “Touch Back” section. In this scenario, Tucker’s instructional video discusses how to politely understand their position, how long to wait before finding out if their expectations have changed, and how to make that Touch Back call. And then, with exclusive access, you can listen to a series of examples, much like the sample above.

Tucker and Chris are some of the best in the business. They’ve built one of the finest and most successful REI businesses in the country. They’ve pulled back the curtain and created a tool never before seen by the REI community. Negotiating With Sellers – a tool for the best, by the best… Are you ready to learn from the best?





About Us

Since 2009, TTM Development Co. has been at the forefront of REI in the Portland, Oregon market. Tucker Merrihew, founder of TTM and successful Investor for the last 10+ years, built TTM by effectively Negotiating With Sellers.

The Negotiating with Sellers Product, allows you to listen to real seller negotiation calls from Tuckers business. Tucker explains the techniques and strategies he and Chris (Acquisitions Mgr) use for negotiating with motivated sellers, for each type of seller scenario. Each scenario will have a video of Tucker explaining each of the strategies and then include multiple calls you can listen to for each of them. Tuckers acquisitions manager, Chris, talks with each seller and you can listen in to what is said, how it’s said and what Chris does to put deals together.

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